ConcertConnect is a unified web platform for the Montreal music industry.

Whether you manage a bar or a band, ConcertConnect takes the hassle out of planning live shows.


Want to play live music?

Getting a live gig can be tough without a promoter. We've got Montreal venues who are looking for local talent, so put yourself out there! We'll give you detailed info on each venue, including capacity and high-res stage pics.

Venue that plays live music?

The days of searching for the information you need to book your show are over. We have a database of local bands looking for places to play, along with their genre, links to relevant social media, and samples of their latest tunes.

Looking for bandmates?

Find the perfect match for your band by browsing our list of musicians who want to join a local group. We've got their musical interests and sound clips, making it easy to find the perfect fit.

ConcertConnect is currently under development - but we don't want to wait to help your band find the perfect Montreal Venue.
To receive a tailored list of venues in Montrael specifically built for your bands preferences, just fill out the 5 quick question form linked below - we will get back to you in 24 hours with a tailored list of venues built for you.

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ConcertConnect is currently under development, but by signing up, we'll let you know when we've officially launched! If you are looking to find a venue in Montreal right now, click on the link "Find your Montreal Venue" above!

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